Friday, 2 April 2010


It's that time of the year again, when we depart to meet again...

The journey right from the application process to writing my last blog today, has been truly incredible. Having worked in the public relations industry, Masters in Public Relations at the University of Westminster was my first choice. The international welcome programme at the University was great. I met so many wonderful people from different cultures and background during those three days and even after my course actually started. I can never forget my first class because it was on my birthday. It has truly been a wonderful experience. I learnt so much during these six months, it’s hard to express. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to our Course Leader, Pam Williams and Senior Lecturer, Michaela O’Brien for their support and cooperation. Thanks for always being there (especially for instant email replies), for all your guidance, advice and recommendations. You are fantastic leaders and I really felt fortunate to have motivators and educators like you. Also, big thanks to Matt, our New Media module leader, for all the hard work he did to ensure that we gain professional expertise in this new field. Last but not the least, all my wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, creative, spontaneous, lovely, uber cool classmates. Here’s a short message for each one of you:
Kat: I love the pic on your blog post, you look like a professional model. Had a great time with you in the Corp class doing some number crunching for the shares thing. Just want to share a little secret that you speak non stop (on and on and on) when drunk (personal experience Chinese New Year celebrations)
Jyoti: I had an awesome time with you, will cherish it forever
Ayesha: Did I ever tell you that I love the way you presented yourself during the press conference?
Diksha: You made me miss my mum more, you are so lovely!
Nandita: You are such a cutie pie, always felt like pulling your cheeks
Najlaa: You definitely asked some of the most difficult questions in the class
Aneta: I love the colour of your eyes
Soyini: You are so intellectual and intelligent
Luisa: The most professional and confident girl I have ever seen
Marlena: You have an awesome personality and you look stunning in red
Jey: You are born to do fashion PR, you are a star
Gaye: You should be presenting the Toastie show
Raylene: You made the right choice of selecting Gaye for your viral video
Babusha: Had so much fun with you teaching Fillipo about the Indian culture
Roxana: You are gorgeous
Nisha: I wish I had a figure like you
Natasha: You have a beautiful smile
Menglu: You were awesome in the debate
Viola: You guys were perfect hosts during Chinese New Year celebrations
Stephanie: You are so cute and innocent
Sarah: Love your statement: Pizza is for Italy and Rice is for China…fantastic!
Jayne: The women I admire the most. Hats off to your courage and determination
Karolina: You are quite hard working and charming
Natalia: Little bundle of joy
Tatsiana: Will always remember your gorgeous over coat
Samya: Perfect combination of beauty with brains
Adriana: Thanks for the delicious food you got before the Christmas break
Georgios: Your yellow tie looked dashing
Jon: You looked so pretty in Fillipo’s video (don’t get angry please)
Fillipo: I was surprised to know you know so much about India
Yushau A. Shuaib: Your passion, enthusiasm and big smile will be missed

Cheers to all you guys...and wish you good luck for your future.


  1. Thank you for this, Divya. Your ability to briefly summed up classmates' individual and unique personalities if not characteristics is quite awesome. One thing you fail to recognise here is about yourself which further demonstrates your humility. You are indeed a "professional to the core who knows her onion from perfect outputs"

  2. Hey Divya!
    That was sooo lovely! Thank you so much. I will never forget ur viral video! lol...but seriously u have been a great classmate...lots of fun...and u work really really hard! Cant wait to see you next week...but we have to keep in touch in the long term! Seems like iv spoken to you loads today! lol

    Lots of love

  3. @Shuaib: How could I miss out on your beautiful smile (with the shining gleaming golden tooth) and your ever smiling face even when we had tough deadlines to meet and also your enthusiasm and curiousity to learn more and more, I will always remember your line which you used to say before asking any question, it goes something like this, "So, my concern here is that blah blah blah" or "The issue here is that blah blah blah...thank you once again for your kind words. I am pleased and really honoured

  4. Divya! You are amazing, thank you so much for the sweet words!!! I have enjoyed so many chats with you and have loved being on your team for the campaign!! I am sure we will keep in touch!!!

  5. Hey Nisha,

    Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to have a classmate like you and you have also done incredibly well during the course. I learnt so much from you (especially from your sense of dressing), I simply loved your bright coloured jackets and coats from Orange to Red...they all were absolutely gorgeous just like you. Stay in touch and wish you well for your future. I am sure you will be great in whatever you do.

  6. Thank you so much Jey. You are one of the cutest and sweetest girls I have ever come across and incredibly talented as well...It was great working with you on the campaign and your ability to simply pull things off still amazes me. You are so spontaneous and full of energy...wish you good luck and we will stay in touch. Take Care!

  7. Divya...what a lovely blog post, that`s soo sweet of you. I`ll miss you guys so much when this course is over.
    You are such a great person and when I saw your viral I was sooo impressed by your great sense of humour :)
    Rock on!


  8. Lovely post Divya, *you* totally rock!! So happy to have been in the same class with you and all our awesome class mates!


  9. Thanks Marlena...I will miss everyone too...Making the viral video was so much fun with that sort of make up and clothes...I am glad you liked the have done really well during the course and I am sure you will achieve great success in all your endeavours...Wish you good luck and stay in touch!

  10. Thanks are awesome too...will always cherish the memories of MA (PR)...really had a great time!

  11. ok...i've no reason to be dropping a comment wen i saw the pic above...i cudnt resist! woman, u r the only one who's not sober in the picture...har jagah apni chaap chorni zaruri hai??? :D :D :D :D typically u!!! luv u the way u r!

  12. Thanks a lot Shubhra for dropping a make me smile always and that's typically you! That's the reason, I also love the way you are! Take care!

  13. Divya, we expect more posting to your blog after this. Could that be you are so busy and occupied that you find blogging as unnecessary pastime?

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