Monday, 29 March 2010

Ben and Jerry's fairtrade viral video campaign

In February 2010, Ben & Jerry announced its commitment to go fully Fairtrade in the UK and Europe by 2011 and across its entire global flavor portfolio by the end of 2013. Ben & Jerry's is the first ice cream company to make such a significant commitment to Fairtrade across its global portfolio. Thus, there is a big opportunity in front of Ben & Jerry to capitalise on this social initiative and gain a strong foothold in the market as a leader in driving social change.

Communication Strategy

The communication strategy is to listen, plan, participate, engage the target audience into a two way communication dialogue and measure and evaluate the results. The idea is to first listen to the conversations which are already taking place about Ben and Jerry’s, plan how and who will facilitate those conversations, then participate in those discussions and finally, engage the audience with the brand in order to build a tribe. The tribe will be persistently engaged in various activities and will be delivered with valuable information from time to time. The strategy aims to establish and maintain a bond with the target audience at an altruistic level and engage them in a transaction where they feel a part of Ben and Jerry’s social mission of driving social change.

Campaign Objectives

•To raise awareness about Ben and Jerry going 100% fair trade in the UK
•To reinforce that Ben and Jerry is still committed to producing ice cream in the nicest possible way and is a leader in driving social change.
•To drive traffic to the website
•To improve search engine ranking

Target Audience

The campaign will primarily target both men and women in the age group of 13 years and over so called ‘Digital Natives’ who are active users of internet in the UK.




6 months (March-August 2010)

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